​Family Safari: Top Tips for travelling in Africa with your family

​Family Safari: Top Tips for travelling in Africa with your family

Congratulations! You have just landed​ ​on the step by step guide to help you plan your first family safari to Africa. In fact, these are the top tips for travelling in Africa with your family you may ever need.

With practical tips for families with children planning to visit Africa, I have you well covered with insider tips from a local mom to make the most of your time in Africa.

So if you are planning a family Safari to Africa, my friend, you are in for a real treat.

Yes, the continent is gorgeous while at the same time wild and even adventurous more than you can imagine.

To make Africa even more perfect for family, this continent is exceptionally hospital and a friendly destination where you’re likely to find the welcoming faces wherever you go.​

On top of that, Africa is also the perfect destination when it comes to catering for children and families.

However, you probably know about the beauty of Africa already and you are not here to be told again how much your family will find the Africa safari enjoyable.

​Now, I like to believe that the reason you are here is to find practical and actionable tips for travelling in Africa with your family and make your trip a success and of a lifetime experience.

So, if that is the case with you, that is exactly what I am offering; top Tips for travelling in Africa with your family.

By the end of this post, you will feel better equipped to plan a family trip to Africa and you have my promise that family safari in Africa will be easy, fun and thoroughly enjoyable.

That is only if you’ll follow these tips, though!

1: Decide the destination to visit

One of the misconceptions most people have about Africa is that it is just one huge country.

Well, they couldn’t be more wrong.

In fact, Africa has a total of 54 independent countries. While visiting all at a go is next to impossible, you need to choose a few countries to start with.

Or you may just choose one​destination based on your budget, interest, time and others of the like.

Choosing the best African country to visit with a family for a safari might not be the easiest pick. However, SafariBookings has come with a solution to help you on this.

They conducted an in-depth ​ of 3061 reviews of safari tourists and acclaimed experts voted Tanzania as the Best Safari Country in Africa. 

SafariBookings’ Ratings for the 8 major safari countries

CountryRatings by ExpertsRatings by Users
5South Africa4.33/54.77/5

Source; SafariBookings

This is what I like​ ​more about Africa, it is full of options!

So the first thing I want you to do in this guide is choosing the destinations. If it is your first time, well, go with the best, Tanzania.

When choosing for the destination look for the following;

  • Destination safety
  • Scenery richness
  • The reputation of the country towards visitors
  • Lack of dangerous diseases.

Looking at the above 8 Africa destinations, ​all are almost safe to visit, free from dangerous diseases like Ebola, they are perfect for wildlife viewing, and they have a reputation of treating customers good.

So in case, you don’t go to Tanzania, feel free to choose the other 7 destinations. Your Africa family trip won’t fall short.

2: Know the best time to visit

If you are travelling with kids chances are you are worried that during the school holidays which is the best time for you and your family might not be the best to go to Africa.

So you may think that you have a limited choice when to go to Africa. Well, you don’t have to worry.

​School holiday issues and others of the like are not necessarily a problem.

Africa can be visited ​​all year round.

The exception may only arise if you have some specific interests but if that is not the case, school holidays should never be your worry.

So the challenge may only arise when a family has got some specific interests that are not available all year round.

​There are those who like to see the wildebeests’ migration in Serengeti, and they specifically want to see the wildebeests crossing the Mara River. On this case, for example,​one should visit Tanzania note before August and not more than early November

​​That makes it so important to figure out​your interests and special wishes before planning to travel to Africa with your family.

After you’ve figured out what you and your family would need in your African trip, go ahead and jump to the next tip for travelling in Africa;

3: Find the right safari operator

Getting the right tour operator is absolutely important and honestly, you should make sure you get this one right.

Remember, this isn’t just a solo trip.

This is about your family. With probably, the kids included. In other words, if you mess up on one aspect of planning your Africa family trip, it will directly affect your family as well.

Don’t allow this, not for something you and your family have waited for so long. And do not forget, African family safari is an investment, both of your money and your time.

That is why it is of extremely important that you plan your Africa Family safari with an ethical professional company that will protect your money. To find the best safari company, use the following checklists;

  1. Look for a company with a good reputation. To do this best, find out if they have been awarded any accolade by TripAdvisor, their ratings by SafariBookings and their general reviews.
  2. Also, try to find out the conditions of their vehicles. Here, forget the number of vehicles, maintenance is the Key. You can do this by asking the company in question.
  3. Trust of the company. If the company has affiliation with other national & international organizations within the industry, chances are they’re trusted. You can find this on the website, most commonly at the bottom (footer) of the company’s website.
  4. Does a company have any liability insurance? This should be among crucial checklists you should consider when looking for the perfect company to book with your Africa family trip.
  5. You should also never forget that the local knowledge is key. In this case, try to find out the tour guide a company is going to give you in your Africa family safari.​
  6. If the guide has no record online, not even a single review speaking about his skills, my friend, be cautious here and don’t like to be the sample.
  7. Another important checklist here is health safety & secure payments. Make sure the company tells you their health measures in case of emergency while giving you different secure payments methods.
  8. A company should comply with the industry rules both internationally and locally depending on the country of operations.

Support is the key — a good company should give you the ort you need in all stages of your Africa family safari. That is before you even ​ touch the land in Africa and after you fly back home.

3: ​Let a safari company know your all wishes

After finding the best match for you in terms of Safari Company, the next tip I have for you that will surely be helpful for your travel to Africa with your family is;

Talk with your safari planning specialist.

Yes, after you have found the perfect company for you, chances are you are going to be assigned to a certain safari/trips planning expert who will be happy to help you with​ ​anything that will be crucial for travelling in Africa with your family.

Do not hide anything at this point. Tell your safari expert everything you think is crucial for your family trip​satisfaction.

While there may be a lot to share with your safari expert, don’t forget to ask and get information about the following;

  1. ​Let your safari expert know the age of the kids
  2. ​Ask for the minimum age allowed in an Africa safari. This might be different depending on the country and company you’ve selected
  3. Any vaccinations needed for both kids and adults
  4. Availability of comfortable accommodation for the kids.
  5. Most kids like swimming, asking for the properties with swimming pools is important here.
  6. Anything else you think might be the interest of your family in general, just share…anything, you know!

I consider this among the most important tips for travelling in Africa with your family.

​Truly, think of it as giving your details to a doctor during an examination for discomforts. The more detail​s you deliver is the more you’ll have the possibility of getting the right treatment.

4: Get the foods right

Again, do not feel shy to tell your operator what you’d prefer for the meals while on the trip.

If you have specific dietary restrictions, for example, share away.

Most safari companies will be happy to help you organize with hotels in getting you the right meals to your satisfaction.

You may try the local foods as well.

In Tanzania for example, there are varieties of local foods which has attracted most visitors.

​Mchuzi wa pweza, ugali, Biryani, a mixture of chips & eggs, mishkaki, octopus & cassava, Urojo, Coconut Bean soup, Durian and mandazi​ ​are the local foods you may need to test.

If your family has among those foodie folks like myself, Africa is going to give you joy for the eyes and the palate J

​​5: You don’t have to worry

Well, this fifth tip for travelling in Africa with your family is aimed at insisting the two previously mentioned tips.

When you have got the best safari company and you also have done your homework on expressing everything you and your family would need, there is more than 90% guarantee that you’ll have a trip to remember.

The concept here is, a good company likes to make its customers happy.

​They would like to maintain a good reputation and protect their public image.

So combining the good conducts by good company with the great information you are going to provide to your safari expert, a safari of a lifetime experience is all but confirmed.

Upon your arrival, a tour operator will give you even further details and help on your trip, expect information​s like;

  • Vaccinations required (depending on the country you choose)
  • Tipping guidelines
  • Visa information
  • Advice on International flights
  • Money guideline for a particular destination
  • Photographing guidelines
  • Public holidays for a particular country
  • Communications in a particular country
  • Food & drinks
  • A guide to craft​s shopping
  • Etiquette
  • Crime levels & safety measures
  • Health guidelines

Family Safari: Your Take

I believe at this point you have seen how much it matters to travel with a company with a good track record of taking care of its customers.

As I have repeated, among all tips for travelling in Africa with your family, choosing a good company is of paramount importance.

A good professional local operator should act as your personal resource to getting all the necessary details you need to have a perfect safari trip.

The most important thing I would strongly recommend is “make sure you make your company aware of all your wishes for the safari”

Let me know in the comments what is going to be your next destination for your African safari trip.